About Us

•The well-being and overall education of athletes. We care about players as people and as long as they have a desire to play and work hard. We support them through thick and thin, especially during the challenging periods of longer-term injury and rehabilitation.

•We have few rules and try to make sure everything we do is live-able each day. We avoid TICK BOX procedures and our identity slogans are actively demonstrated as part of everyday life at the centre and at tournaments.

•We mix pro players in with juniors on a regular basis and different age ranges practice together, so players learn quickly the focus and application needed for each level as they progress.

•Our vision is being realized of a programme that starts at mini tennis leading to Grand Slams and regular tour players. The ambition of the programme is excellence. Whether pro tennis or college tennis is the destination we have a proven track record of delivering over and over again.

•Our desire and purpose is well rounded individuals who succeed at various levels and for some the pro tour becomes a reality, for others an education in dedication, hard work, nutrition, training methods, healthy lifestyle choices, organizational and time management skills that will serve them well in any chosen profession.

Motivated and consistently demonstrate a desire to be part of A TEAM OF LEADERS

•Each coach has his own identity and style of coaching. However the principles and philosophy of the key elements are taught throughout the programme. Same message delivered in each person’s unique style.

•Each staff member will step up and help each other and lead on various projects, offer honest feedback and play a strong part in the evolvement of the programme.

•Coaches work with players up and down the programme so both the coaches and players are comfortable to be on court with anyone. The coaches are a strong team and are not trying to take ownership of players. Although each player has a lead coach responsible for scheduling and their programme, there is no exclusivity. Players are TEAMBATH-MCTA players, part of the programme.

We endeavour to take players through the process whereby they: •They learn that the best way to progress is through a process of appreciation rather than entitlement.

•Our only on-court rule is to bring an attitude that is keen to learn and put in a good level of focus. If they fail in this endeavour we calmly ask them to leave the court and return when they are ready to play. (Minimum time away is 5 minutes)

•Learn the competitive focus that leads to a level where they can endure  SWEET SUFFERING! This is done through tough physical sessions on and off the court where they discover how deep their reserves are and lose the fear of pushing limits.

• This is a quality we introduce to help players understand that  “The ability to work relentlessly in points and training is normal if you want to play at a high level. The UNCOMFORTABLE enjoyment of sweet suffering is ultimately the difference between those who learn to compete effectively and those who don’t.” It is sweet because the feeling of achievement when you do everything possible to win is the most rewarding feeling you can experience as an ambitious competitor.

•Players over the age of 16 are introduced to the concept named Locker Room Power: Building and athlete’s mind (www.lockerroompower.com) which is a complete mental skills programme for high level athletes, devised by David Sammel, our Head Coach. The book is recommended reading for all students and players.

•Added to this is his clear philosophy on the way tennis is played to reach the highest levels, a method of play that all our coaches weave

All Players and coaches are aware of the following principles of playing winning tennis:

• Top of the bounce

• Move through the ball

• Follow a good hit

• Take on 2nd serves

In 2010, TeamBath joined forces with Monte Carlo Tennis Academy (MCTA) to produce a world-class tennis programme for junior and senior players. Our players have won dozens of ITF junior events, Futures doubles tournaments, four Futures singles titles, a Challenger singles title and several doubles titles and two ATP tour doubles trophies. Marcus Daniell is a regular Davis Cup team member and Anna Smith with Joc Rae are Britain’s top doubles team having made two tour finals. Sam Murray who played Maria Sharapova at Wimbledon was part of the 2014 Federation Cup squad. Bath players representing GB at junior level are Richard Gabb, Scott Clayton, Toby Martin, Samm Butler, Beth Askew, Anna Brogan, Eden Richardson and Millie Bissett. With Director of Tennis Barry Scollo and Head Coach Dave Sammel (founder of MCTA) at the helm, we offer a full time academy and touring programme for approximately 40 players from the age of eight up to professional tour players from many countries. Players from the UK, USA, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and India are or have been part of the programme. Our experienced coaches have links to experts such as Jez Green, Miles Maclagan and Barry Cowan who add to the knowledge base for our players. We have a strong stable of leading players including WTA player Samantha Murray (career high CH 164 – currently recovering from wrist surgery), Federation Cup doubles team Anna Smith and Jocelyn Rae (WTA CH 69), New Zealand Davis Cup star Marcus Daniell (CH 64) who made the 2015 Wimbledon 3rd round and regular tour players Richard Gabb (CH 410), Scott Clayton, Lisa Whybourn (CH 250), Jess Simpson and Grace Dixon. Samm Butler’s victory in the 2013 U18 Boy’s singles event in the British National tournament meant the trophy returned to Bath for the 4th time in 4 years following the successes of Scott Clayton (2012), Toby Martin (2011) and Richard Gabb (2010) – all of whom are now playing professionally with the TEAMBATH-MCTA senior squad. In the girls both Beth Askew and Eden Richardson (2014) have won the U16 National title.

On site, in the £30 million Sports Training Village complex, we have:

• A team of experienced coachesP1030614

• Eight indoor and eight outdoor acrylic courts

P1020789• Two outdoor clay courts

• Access to nearby grass court facilities

• A full sports medicine and science centre

• Strength and conditioning coaches

• A fully-equipped fitness centre


• On-site catering

• Academy access for the University first team

P1030514• Strong Links with local state, private schools and host families

• Partnerships with the MTCA and LTA

• A proven track record of success Players have access to state-of-the-art fitness facilities, sport science including medical and nutritional support services plus a 114-station fitness suite. The elite athlete gym anIMG_1109d hydrotherapy, sauna and ice bath area ensure every detail of training is taken into account. We P1030616.jpghave a P1030927dedicated video-analysis suite and on-site catering

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